Kai Lyons was born and raised in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. He attended Fairmount Elementary School, Herbert Hoover Middle School, and Balboa High School. He transferred to Ruth Asawa School of the Arts his Senior year when he decided he was passionate about music.

Coming from a musical family, Kai was exposed to many musical styles from an early age. His first formal instructor was the neighborhood piano teacher who taught Kai how to play the blues.

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At Fairmount Elementary School, Kai studied trumpet under Latin Jazz master John Calloway. Kai continued to play trumpet through his middle school years, culminating in a performance of The Star Spangled Banner at AT&T Park.

In 2006 Kai’s family moved to Guatemala so that his mom could be involved in a study that involved the effect of indoor cooking fires on the respiratory functions of rural Guatemalan citizens.

Back in the United States, Kai learned to play guitar in the backseat of a car that headed to a John Calloway CD release concert. Thanks Laura!